Lara Church (NPC)

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Name: Lara Alexia Church
Rank: Admiral
Position: Starfleet Command, Antares Sector
Race: Human
Actor: Helen Mirren

Lara Kortetsky is the daughter of an old Starfleet family, and went straight into the command track upon entering the Academy. Shortly after she met and married Robert Church, a politician who would eventually have a seat in the Federation Assembly. She's always been ambitious, and very rules-oriented, but something changed when her husband died. She's never openly blamed her son, Thomas, but she certainly began pushing his career harder, and there are whispers that she may have taken her needs for rules too far, possibly even joining Section 31. She is not well-liked in much of the Fleet, with a reputation for being domineering and hard-nosed, and has clashed with Admiral Crawford and Captain Hawkins more than once. She's even more upset now that her son is missing, and has begun pushing the crew of the Mons Calpe in retaliation...

Played by LeGuin, Co-Head Wizard

Picture One

The Price of Freedom, Part Two